Commercial Interior

M.E.C. Design Srl deals with the whole process of planning, restructuring and furnishings of commercial interiors, guaranteeing to the clientele a service keys in hand. The firm is able to differentiate the projects proposing different solutions based the exposed necessities. The excellent quality privileges habitability, ergonomics and functionality of the spaces, without ever skipping the design, the good taste and the culture diversifying every realization of commercial interiors from the homologation of the today’s market. M.E.C. Design Srl operates at world level, making itself an irreplaceable partner of numerous firms with different offices all over the world. With over 35 years’ experience and professionalism, we take care of the creation of commercial interiors with unique passion and dedication.

Choose MEC Design to build quality commercial interiors

Our virtual setting, always evolving and improving with particular attention to detail, allow us to give customers the most realistic images possible even before the realization of the project. This gives you the opportunity to see the highlights of the space dedicated to your commercial interiors project. M.E.C. Design Srl offers a 360 degree versatility to best meet the specific needs of each sector and customer. Thanks to targeted advice and proposals always up to date we are able to realize any desired project.

We carefully design every detail, giving priority to the organization and functionality of commercial interiors spaces, without forgetting the importance of aesthetics in such an important and varied space. We have made of the professionalism, competence, seriousness, attention to the customer, quality of service, availability and assistance our strong points. The company is also ISO 9001-2008 certified UKAS-URS, a further confirmation of the commitment that accompanies the team daily in the realization of commercial interiors of quality.