3D Project

For over 35 years M.E.C. Design S.r.l. has been following an important clientele for the design and setting up of exhibition spaces, creating 3D renderings of booth areas paying attention to every detail. The great experience gained in the trade fair sector and in the furnishings of commercial spaces has made the company able to successfully deal with the 3D design and renderings at the photographic level of many important customers. To enter virtually the required exhibition space gives our customers the opportunity to have always clear the final result, even before starting the construction work. Professionalism, competence and precision are the key words behind every work of M.E.C. Design. and it’s this philosophy that makes us competitive worldwide. By choosing our company you will have a turnkey design solution, which starts with the realization of a photographic 3D rendering and ends with an incredible success.

We virtually build your next success

We have been working for more than 20 years with the most famous ceramics companies in the world and other important companies in different sectors. We follow customers at the fair and recommend the best design to present themselves at their best. We do this by asking for the approval of works with a 3D rendering on a photographic level. This allows a complete immersion in the future exhibition space or exhibition booths even before the beginning of the works. Starting from your needs we work to highlight your products or services and meet the needs of all types of customers.

We produce commercial interiors and exhibition booths starting from a clear 3D that we studied in every detail.
Trust the experience of M.E.C. Design S.r.l. that, for over 35 years, brings known realities worldwide from 3D design to the full use of the space required. The innovative design and 3D renderings at the photographic level realized by our company will be your next success in the fair or in the commercial interior you want.